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Cato's eyes had finally closed for the night...

Or had they?

In his mind, he was still running. A howl sounded in the distance and the sound a paws galloped toward him. His heart was racing. The storm raged all around him. Then, in front of him there was a flash of yellow eyes.

He stopped for a moment and turned at a ninety degree angle and launched into a full run. He tried to look behind him but the figure was invisible to him. He heard a voice, a girl's voice. Probably the girl from District 12, Katniss was her name.

There it was, the Cornucopia. The gold was muted, with only bright flashes as lightning struck nearby. He looked behind him and then everything fell silent. He paused.

He slowly turned around and there they were, Katniss and Peeta. He now knew that Peeta was in Milliway's. A head peeked out from behind them. The girl, Rue was her name, wasn't it? He wasn't directly responsible for her death but considering he was one of the leaders of the Career Tributes, he had to claim some responsibility, didn't he?

That was the nature of the Hunger Games. Katniss just glared at him, but it wasn't long until the silver flashed and an arrow was hurtling toward him. He felt as if he were falling, but from where? They weren't on top of the Cornucopia, not like that night. So where was he falling to?

Something warm dripped down his cheek, he put his hand to it and looked at the bright red. He was bleeding all over again as he fell. He then felt a sudden thump...

Cato bolted upright in his bed at Milliway's. He looked around, wiping the sweat from his brow. He was breathing heavily as he let himself fall back into bed. Looks like another restless night.


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